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Geological Survey declared a 600 mile stretch of coastline

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Second, the Gulf Stream is circulating more slowly, causing more water to slosh toward the North Atlantic coast. Geological Survey declared a 600 mile stretch of coastline, from North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras to Boston, a “sea level rise hotspot,” with rates increasing at three to four times the global average.Third, the land around Norfolk is sinking, a phenomenon called “subsidence,” due in part to continuing adjustments in the earth’s crust to the melting of glaciers from the last ice age. Plus, the city is slowly sinking into the crater of a meteor that slammed into the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay 35million years ago.Put it all together, as VIMS scientists did when they were asked by the General Assembly to study recurrent flooding in tidewater Virginia, and models suggest tides ranging from 11 / 2 feet to 71 / 2 feet higher by 2100.Five and a half feet represents “business as usual,” a vision of the future without “significant efforts by the world’s nations to curb greenhouse gases,” the report said.

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