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C-Verde, siempre a la vanguardia de su bienestar y el bienestar del medio ambiente.

Acts are chosen at random and the festival takes place across

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Leclerc at Ferrari is going to be the top combination very, very soon and Mercedes need a young driver to compete. From the beginning of the season and beyond, Red Bull actually could be the team to beat with them having an engine which about as good as that of Mercedes/Ferrari, and in such a scenario one wouldn want to be in any other team as the team who capable of making a chassis which is faster as that of the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari.Of course Wolff knows how much of a threat that would be to the team he partially owns so he desperately tries to do anything to not see such a thing materialize, but the Verstappen would be utterly stupid to not simply take their time and see what Honda will bring over the next 12 months. And if that anything remotely similar to what they brought in the past 16 months, there isn any other team as Red Bull where one wants to be for the next several years.Seeing that Red Bull was running a much higher rear wing angle this year in Bahrain as they did last year, it isn simply all marketing.

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